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What makes us

Our mission and our vision for the future

After Dr. Christian K. Agyemang began his herbal drugs manufacturing company, he soon realised that the most effective way to make a quick, positive impact in the welfare of Ghanaians was to bring in high quality, affordable anti malaria treatments. These treatments quickly became the hallmark of the Taabea Brand and inspired Dr. Agyemang to further extend the traditional herbal manufacturing company in his desire to improve living standards for Africans and the world at large.

Spurred on by these successes, Dr. Christian started creating new businesses that would address the needs of Ghanaians.

Dr. Agyemang has since gone on to establish a group of four fast-growing, dynamic companies that provide services capable of caring for the needs of all Ghanaian citizens; from infancy and for the rest of their lives through the provision of health products, media network, construction and so on.

The goal is now to take this successful model and expand it across Africa by expanding our companies to cater for West Africa and then Africa as a whole.

The Taabea Group of Companies are run with a clear mission and a strong vision for the future and the direction of the company is headed in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become African biggest group for products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the societal concern partner for all people from any endeavors ; to cater for their health and well-being through the provision of world class services

The Taabea Group of Companies – Your Concern Partner!

We are Your concern Partner and we entreat you to pay attention to our Herbal Products.