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The Taabea Group of Companies are made up of four subsidiaries. The focus of the group is currently on Health, Media and Entertainment, Electronics, Energy and Power and Consumable Commodity such as Rice.

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Wonsi Nonbi

The use of herbs by most traditional households in Ghana is not a strange thing. Most people add one or two herbs, roots and plants and come up with a mixture for the cure of a particular disease. The household mixture which was potent for the cure of malaria and was soon to be called TAABEA was no exception. Over time when its efficacy was determined it became a popular demand for neighbors.


Best Out Of Numerous

Taabea Television is a private owned, commercial Twi/English mixed- medium station located at Atonsu Bokro in Kumasi targeted at informing viewers. The station which started operation on the 19th January, 2015 aims at contributing to national development through quality programming. This has been achieved by educating, informing and entertaining the general public. The television is identified with its modern viewers by way of target-oriented programs.


The Peoples Choice

We source, trade, and process grains with a focus on rice.
In West Africa, we have also contribute meeting the market demand for rice consumption in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Senegal helping these countries to reduce import costs of refined rice. With an unrelenting focus on food safety, innovation and cost efficiencies, we produce a range of quality rice..